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To Be CRP Agent

The services we provide

1. CRP Robotics Global Market Layout has begun. Each country authorize  2-5 strategic partners to implement regional protection.

2. Provide factory customized training services free of charge according to the needs of agents

3. Provide discount and free spare parts services according to purchasing volume

4. Two-year warranty for robot body 

5. Offer exhibition sponsorship for official agents

6. CRP company only deal with official agents, all other customer information get by CRP will transfer to official agents,Implementing a Unified Price Policy

7. Provide free and paid overseas technical support services according to purchasing volume


How Can  Become CRP Stragetic partners 

1. Good knowledge of robotic arm and rich experienced in robotic automation solutions 

2. Professional engeering team to supply efficient and instant services for clients 

3. Official agent must develop secondary level agents at local market to expand market ratio

4. Consistent values with CRP Robotics: let customers use robots well

5. Recognize CRP marketing price system and refuse civious competion.

6, Visit CRP robot factory and make trial order, can register as CRP trial agent or official agent directly by paying USD20000 deposit . The longest probation period is 6 months. 

Growing together, Advance and retreat together 

Win the Future

Our Robot Quality Inspection Process :


The Core Components Brand we're using :

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Online:+86 13551010933(WhatsApp) / crprobotics(Skype)
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+86 28 86623586

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