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Crp Robotics - Is listed in the Top 100 Enterprises of New Economy Cultivation in Chengdu
In May 2018, the New Economic Committee of Chengdu held the "Gradient Cultivation Plan for New Economic Enterprises and the Shuangbai Project", which was attended by Mayor Luo Qiang, Vice Mayor Liu Xiaoliu and leaders of various departments at the municipal level, together with 100 new economic enterprises. As the first batch of entrants, CRP Robotics listened to Luo Qiang's market speech and accepted the award.

New economy nurturing enterprises refer to the new economy type enterprises which have been vigorously supported by the Chengdu Municipal Government and developed rapidly within ten years, and whose market value is more than 10 million US dollars or even 1 billion US dollars.

During the meeting, CRP Robotics was awarded two heavyweight awards: "In 2018, Chengdu New Economy 100 Key Fostering Enterprises" and "In 2018, Chengdu New Economy 100 Excellent Talents" by Li Liangjun, Executive Director and CEO of the company.

As the first city in China to set up a new economic commission, Chengdu attaches great importance to the development of new economy. This recognition marks a big step forward for CRP Robotics to become a quasi-unicorn in the industry.

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