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Crp Robotics - Chapek Prize in Robot Industry: Rewriting CRP Robotics
Spring April, coordinates Shanghai Dragon Dream Hotel, Robot Industry Development Forum opened as scheduled. After the meeting, CRP CEO Li Liangjun attended the 4th Chapek Award Ceremony, known as the Nobel Prize in Robotics Industry.

Since the establishment of the Chapek Award, it has witnessed the sweat and achievements of the development of the robotics industry, as well as the ups and downs of an era. This year's Chapek Award continues the theme of "Meeting Chapek and Foreseeing the New Future": Focusing on the Present and Looking to the Future.

As the first annual event of robotics industry in 2018, after four months of selection, Chengdu CRP Automation Control Technology Co., Ltd. once again stood out and won two awards: "Excellent Robot Parts Award 2017" and CEO Li Liangjun's Personal Award "Excellent Entrepreneur Award". This is the fourth time since 2014 that KaCRP has won the honor in this field. With its own technology and comprehensive strength, KaCRP continues to write the myth of "four-year succession".

Four years, the Chapek Prize has witnessed the thorny road of CRP on the road of autonomy of domestic industrial robots, and the combination of industrial technology application and theory by CRP to overcome technical difficulties one by one. Today's CRP research and development field has expanded from the original industrial robot "brain" - control system to industrial robot complete electrical solutions, high-end intelligent cooperative robots and other fields. Our supporting partners are located in all areas of the country, and product sales have doubled for three consecutive years by leaps and bounds.

To win the chapek's trophy again, CRP will stick to one step at a time and help China's core robotics technology to compete with the rest of the world.

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