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CRP 2016 Shanghai International Robot Exposition Completed Successfully
       The 2016 Shanghai International Robot Expo is over. Compared with the Shanghai International Robot Expo in 2015, our company has introduced three new products: new Ether CAT bus robot controller, RTEX bus robot controller and control integrated robot control. System! It not only shows its own industry products, but also makes progress and achievements in the field of industrial robot control. It also actively discusses the future development of society and the whole industry, so as to make our company's relevant knowledge. It is more extensive, has a new understanding of the industrial robotics industry and learned from it, and has found a more clear direction for the future development of the company as a whole. I believe that the future will provide better controllers for the entire industrial robotics industry.
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During the exhibition, the love of people from all walks of life was not only widely welcomed, but also won two important awards during this period:

Goldfinger Award, 2016 Best Robot Core Parts;


High-output production and research, 2016 China Robot Core Components (Controllers) Ten Competitive Brands;


After CRP, we must insist on doing a good job every minute to provide the industry with the best quality robots and controller!

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