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CRP Robot won the heavyweight honor of three private enterprises in the city and district
      On December 20, 2018, the Chenghua District Private Economy Health Development Conference was held. Liu Guangqiang, secretary of the district party committee, attended the conference and delivered a speech, stressing that it is necessary to further build a strong atmosphere of attaching importance to the private economy, supporting private enterprises, and respecting private entrepreneurs in the whole region. The government and enterprises are in the same direction, and the people are united and work together to create a healthy new development of the private economy in Chenghua. situation.

CRP Automation Tech Ltd

        At the meeting, Li Liangjun first thanked Chenghua for his strong support to Kanop, and reported to the leaders of various departments on the achievements and gains of Kanop in the past year, and said:
       "CRP Robot's successful development of intelligent collaborative robots and intelligent industrial robots that have been developed for many years means that Carnot can not only jump out of the "only robot core components" pattern, but also provide a more complete product for the industry. More integrated technical services. This is the evolution of Kanop from “single control solution” to “diversified solution”, which is an upgrade from “industrial automation” to “artificial intelligence”.

         In 2018, it is quietly coming to an end. In December, CRP Automation Tech Ltd won the “Excellent Entrepreneur” issued by the Chengdu Municipal People’s Government and the “Excellent Entrepreneur” and “Excellent Enterprise” issued by the People’s Government of Chenghua District. The heavyweight award of private enterprises has drawn a successful conclusion to the professional efforts of the Kanuop people over the past year.

CRP Automation Tech Ltd        

2019, we look forward to getting better!

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