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Chengdu CRP Automation Tech Co., Ltd
Goldfinger Awards • China International Robot Annual Awards - New Enterprise Awards

CRP Automation Tech Co., Ltd

Market growth rate: 285%
Chengdu CRP Automation Tech Co., Ltd.
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Chengdu CRP Automation Tech Co., Ltd(hereinafter referred to as CRP Robot) is a scientific and technological company specializing in the development, production and sales of industrial robot control systems, servo drives, integrated electrical solutions, high-end intelligent robots, collaborative robots, drafting three national standards for industrial robot control systems. unit.

Innovation / innovation or management innovation:
        The company has strong technical strength, and its technology developers account for 46% of the total staff. Its core technicians have more than 10 years of experience in motion control technology, computer technology and software technology, and have a sound technology research and development system. The company has established a core technology R&D center for industrial robots, and its technology and supporting equipment are leading domestically.

        In 2014, the company was recognized by the national double-soft enterprise and in 2016 it was recognized by the national high-tech enterprise. For the fourth consecutive year, he won the “Best Robot Controller” for the “Chipek Award” robot controller category. For two consecutive years, he was awarded the “Golden Finger Award for Robot Core Parts of the Year” by the China International Robot Exhibition Organizing Committee. Awards.

Production workshop

        Through six years of development, it has become an excellent brand of domestic industrial robot controllers, providing supporting services for more than 300 robot body manufacturers such as Guangzhou Kaifan, BYD, Foxconn, Qianjiang Motorcycle, Shanghai Huanyan, etc., widely used in spraying and welding. , handling, palletizing, polishing and other fields.

        Since the development of the first generation of industrial robot controllers in the core technology team of Canop in 2007, we have continued to dig deep into this field with foreign technology in the past ten years, and continue to shorten this distance, the research and development field from The brain extends to the overall electrical solutions of industrial robots, robotic intelligent perspectives, intelligent collaborative robots, and intelligent industrial robots. The overall technical level of market-oriented products is leading domestically, and sales revenue has doubling over the years.

        Innovation is a difficult and slow process. On this road, the Kanopu R&D team has always maintained the pace of launching more than two new products into the market every year to maintain our innovative vitality and core competitiveness. In the future, our pace will be faster to expand the field of artificial intelligence applications and increase penetration.

R&D department

Industry value
1. As the drafting unit of three national standards for industrial robots, CRP Robot guides the development direction of domestic industrial robots and cooperates with domestic counterparts to standardize various technical indicators of robotic electrical solutions.
2. As a leading enterprise in the sales of industrial robot control systems, it promotes the formation of the industrial chain of the industry, promotes the improvement of the business performance of upstream and downstream affiliated enterprises, stimulates domestic demand and promotes economic development.
3, CRP Robot company's products are also the five pillar industries - equipment manufacturing and future industrial areas of artificial intelligence, market applications include automotive manufacturing, warehousing logistics, light industry, heavy industry and many other industries. In the future, our products will cover a wider range of industrial groups, which is conducive to the interaction and benign development of key industries.
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