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CRP Robot China Robot Pioneer Manufacturer
            CRP- China Robot Pioneer ,focus on robot controller development since 2008. welding robot controller accupied 90% market ratio in China. The company is a national high-tech enterprise,Chengdu Top 100 New Economy Enterprise, and is the main drafting unit for National Standards of Industrial controller, electrical system and servo system.
CRP Robot Manufacturer
            Twenty years’ technology accumulation and ten years’s pratical application. CRP robot controller are wildly used in welding, painting, handling, palletizing ,polishing and other fields, Serving for more than 300 robot body manufacturers and integrators

            CRP Automation Control Technology Co., Ltd. is a technology-based company engaged in the research and development of the core components of industrial robots (robot control system, drive and control integrated module, intelligent sensor) and the intelligent industrial robots. It has won the Chapek Award for robotic controllers for three consecutive years, the Golden Finger Award of Shanghai Expo 2016, The Best Robot Core Components Award, the Top Ten Competitive Brands of China Robot Core Components Controller and many other awards. The company is a national high-tech enterprise, double soft enterprise, with many software copyright and invention patents, Chengdu Top 100 New Economy Enterprise, and is the main drafting unit for three national standards of industrial robot controller, electrical system and servo system.

            In 2017, the company introduced the advanced mature technology system of robot body production line and invested in the establishment of laser sensor R&D company for providing better quality Robots. The company has established six major marketing service and technology application centers in China to provide customers with more professional, timely services and complete solutions for robotic applications.

            Our aim is to let customers make best use of every robot !
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