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Union Secretary of the Chinese robot industry visited CRP Robot Factory

                    Union Secretary of the Chinese robot industry visited CRP Robot Factory

On August 30th, Hao Yucheng, Union Secretary of China Robot Industry and their team was entrusted by the Department of Equipment Industry of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology to accompany Fang Fei, the deputy director of the Major Equipment and Machinery Department of the Sichuan Provincial Department of Economics and Information Technology, and the Machinery Industry Instrument. Liu Tao, the Institute of Integrated Technology and Economics, and the leaders and industry experts from Chongqing Saibao Industrial Technology Research Institute to visit the CRP Robotics Research Base.

Accompanied by CRP Chairman Li Liangjun and others, Secretary General Hao made a comprehensive understanding of CRP development history, corporate culture construction, scientific research and technical level and sales market, and checked the core components of CRP robots. Production lines, technology research and development centers and robot testing centers.

Secretary-General Hao and the directors and other experts expressed their appreciation for the steady growth of CRP. They also discussed the development trend of robots at home and abroad and the contribution of CRP to the industry and the future development direction. CRP continues to leverage its strengths to make a greater contribution to the robotics industry.

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