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Crp Robotics - CRP First Conference of Strategic Partners Held Successfully

In April, Chengdu was full of flowers and vitality, and Canop welcomed the first Strategic Partnership Conference in 2019.

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The theme of the conference is "Hand in Hand, Create the Future, Brave Climbing the Peak", aiming at establishing a new strategic cooperation model with upstream and downstream peers in the industrial chain through high-end dialogue and deep technical exchanges. More than 40 strategic partners from all over the country attended the conference.

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The first Kanop Strategic Partnership Conference is content-oriented and is deployed in three places: Robot R&D and Production Base, Headquarters Electric R&D and Production Base and Qingchengshan Conference Center.

On the morning of the 26th, the participants visited the Kanop Robot Research and Production Base. The base is the research and development, production and testing center of the whole robot. In the next two years, the Kanop Robot Research and Development Base will break through the annual output of 10,000 sets. Guests arrived at the Robot R&D and Production Base one after another.

Guests Visit the Robot R&D and Production Base Site

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In the afternoon, the guests visited the electrical R&D and production base of Kanop headquarters under the leadership of various Kanop teams.

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The base takes the research and development and production of industrial robot control system, special servo for robots, integrated drive and control machine, intelligent vision for robots and intelligent cooperative robots as its operation direction, and has annual output of more than 20,000 sets of electrical systems.

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Guests Visit the Electrical R&D and Production Base of Headquarters

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Vice Director of Technology, Gu Fei, will show you around the Technology Research and Development Center.

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The next day, in Qingcheng Mountain, a Taoist holy place surrounded by green waters and green hills, the Kanop Robot Industry Summit Forum was in full swing. At the forum, after Chairman Li Liangjun opened the topic, the leaders of various departments of Kanop made a comprehensive introduction on the product layout, technical team building, robotics manufacturing, after-sales system of Kanop as the keynote. Meanwhile, Zhou Dasheng, general manager of marketing center, presided over the licensing ceremony for strategic partners. At this meeting, representatives of suppliers who are at the forefront of robotics industry chain technology in China have also made high-quality technology sharing and ideological exchanges on the topics of reducer, welding application and so on.

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Chairman Li Liangjun made the opening speech


Technical Director Zhu Lusheng Shares Technology Team Building, Corporate Culture and Technological Innovation

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Robot Project Director Li Xiang Shares the Manufacturing Process of Kanop Robot

Introduction of Robot Welding Application by Guo Zhongbo, Director of CRP Welding Products

Zhou Dasheng, General Manager of Marketing Center, Introduces Kanop's Sales Strategy

Minister of Technology Xia Huisheng shares Kanop's technology and after-sales service

CRP Strategic Partner Licensing Ceremony

Li Qian, Director and Deputy General Manager of Suzhou Green Harmonic Drive Technology Co., Ltd.

"Research and Development Progress of Green High Precision Harmonic Drive Technology"

Zhang Jing, Director of Zhejiang Double Ring Transmission Machinery Co., Ltd.

Introduction to the Application of Double Ring RV Reducer

He Zhijun, Product Director of Shenzhen Magmitt Welding Technology Co., Ltd.

Research and Design of Robot Intelligent Arc Welding Power Supply Based on High Frequency Software Welding Waveform Modulation

Guan Jianfeng, General Manager of Bigao Heavy Industry Co., Ltd.

"Heavy Industry Multi-function Welding Machine"

Ask Qingcheng Mountain, Baishui Dujiangyan. The first CRP Strategic Partnership Conference ended perfectly after fellow guests climbed Qingcheng Mountain and visited Dujiangyan Water Conservancy Project.

This conference is an unprecedented high-end dialogue in the history of CRP, and a platform for CRP to show its pragmatic and dedicated strength in robotic technology innovation and quality service to its strategic partners.

CRP abides by the promise of making every customer use the robot well, fulfills the goal of Chinese robot pioneer, and looks forward to working hand in hand with colleagues to create a better future and reach a higher peak in the development of robotics technology.

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